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Mike Andrews, Ph.D.

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     Dr. Andrews is a physicist (Ph.D, 1987, North Texas State Univ.) and computer scientist that came to accident reconstruction through his background in computer modeling. He began his work in accident reconstruction in 1987. Since that time, he has provided his expert opinion in hundreds of cases. He currently serves as the Director for District II of the Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialist (TAARS) and is a member of several other professional organizations. The Accreditation Committee for Technical Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) has accredited Dr. Andrews. He teaches several courses related to accident reconstruction through Texas A&M University. He also teaches Astronomy and Physics at several local colleges. He has qualified as an expert in local, state and federal courts.


Brian Andrews, B.S.

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Mr. Andrews has two bachelor’s degrees in Engineering Physics and Physics from Tarleton State University.  Areas of study include Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.  He has completed formal training in Accident Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, EDR technician and analysis, Commercial Motor Vehicle Investigation, Reconstruction software, Animation and Crash Data Recording to acquire ACTAR (ACTAR # 2694) certification and is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.   He is an active Director and Board member of TAARS and is heavily involved in onsite training and teaching to help promote the accident reconstruction industry.  He has over 7 years of experience in accident reconstruction and is continually learning to further his education and qualifications in the field.  He has qualified as an expert in local and state courts.